corrugated ruler / 25 cm : blue


Corrugated, a 25 cm non-numeric ruler in blue ABS plastic, aims to bring visual silence to our lives in a world full of visually competing objects. The product is a statement, a response to the need for turning distracting work spaces back into places to concentrate. Higher ridges represent every 5 cm and lower ones represent 1 cm, similar to the lines used for counting millimetres on standard rulers.

25 cm

selek design

Erdem Selek and Hale Selek established their Oregon-based product design atelier Selek Design, in January 2016. The atelier focuses on designing everyday objects that are inspired by ordinary intuitive behaviors in the daily lives. For Selek Design, a product should be as pure and simple as water that does not leave any scent or taste behind. Their products aim to have a silent character that go unnoticed.

Erdem and Hale graduated in Industrial Design from Middle East Technical University in 2004. After graduation, they continued their postgraduate studies at Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Reims and Istanbul Technical University where they received their MSc degree in Industrial Design in 2008.

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