About us
About Us

We made our first Rubberband product in 2008. Since then, we have continued to fire our desire to create products that express a design sensibility that we enjoy. We have always been drawn to making objects that are light-hearted and not very serious.This is evident in our use of colour, which serves to remove any suggestion of material and expresses the form of the product in a direct way.

Our collaborations with our favourite international artists and designers have opened up stimulating design possibilities and we welcome this fresh wave of new ideas - it’s what excites us the most and paves the way for some interesting adventures.

Rubberband has been featured in publications like the Wallpaper Magazine UK, Disegno UK, The Wall Street Journal USA, Domus India to name a few. Our furniture products like 'The Table That Almost Wasn’t', the 'Toy chair' and the 'Grid seat' find a permanent place in the Manchester Art Gallery, UK.

We work out of a studio that’s based in an old, art deco movie theatre. Yes, seriously.

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